A worldwide "Sustainability Strategy for Hockey" is unveiled by the FIH

FIH : A worldwide “Sustainability Strategy for Hockey” is unveiled

WORLD CUP NEWS : The International Hockey Federation (FIH) has taken use of the occasion of its 48th Congress to unveil its worldwide “Sustainability Strategy for Hockey.”

The plan rests on three central pillars to include the various initiatives that will together build a sustainable future for hockey, and they are all in line with the United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goals and the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) direction.


  • Effecting a favorable change on hockey’s human participants.
  • Leaving as little of an environmental impact as feasible
  • Hope: ensuring the game of hockey thrives for future generations
  • The plan gives the worldwide hockey community a way to organize the many ongoing sustainability-focused initiatives and set long-term goals for the sport.

Oceania Hockey Federation President and member of the FIH Executive Board Clare Prideaux said on the launch, “It is fantastic to announce this Sustainability Strategy for Hockey that we have been working on for over 18 months.” The FIH Sustainability Task Force was established in 2021. Members of the hockey community throughout the world are encouraged to “do their bit,” “share their triumphs,” and “become engaged” in initiatives “at the local, national, and global levels” that will “make a meaningful difference” in the long-term viability of hockey.

In addition to the plan, the FIH is exhibiting many case studies of previous and ongoing initiatives and has issued a call to action to the worldwide hockey community.

The Paris 2024 Olympic hockey events will be played on the first carbon zero turf in hockey, named Poligras Paris GT zero, according to an announcement made by FIH worldwide partner Polytan on the same day as the introduction of the FIH Sustainability Strategy for Hockey. We’re overjoyed that Paris 2024 will include no hockey. Hockey is “committed to fully support and contribute to the Paris 2024 sustainability objectives,” FIH CEO Thierry Weil stated. “This innovation by our valued partner Polytan, in addition to the continuous decrease in the use of water for pitches, demonstrates hockey’s willingness to do so.”

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