New FIH President is MAC's Tayyab Ikram

WORLD CUP NEWS | New FIH President is MAC’s Tayyab Ikram

This morning, the FIH Congress in Lausanne, Switzerland, elected Tayyab Ikram (MAC) as its new president. Tayyab Ikram received 79 votes, while Marc Coudron received 47 votes, for an absolute majority of more than half of the 126 votes cast by the member National Associations (BEL). After the resignation of Dr. Narinder Dhruv Batra on July 18, the incoming FIH President will serve for a full two years to wrap up the remainder of Batra’s tenure.

Hockey is my life, my passion, and I owe a great debt of gratitude to the sport and its wonderful community. Thanks to everyone here for their support today, it means a lot to me. I will continue the message of unity and unite the FIH, the incoming president, Tayyab Ikram, promised.

The results of the election showed that incumbents Maureen Craig-Rousseau (TTO, 88 votes) and Elizabeth Safoa King (GHA, 68 votes) were re-elected to the FIH Executive Board (EB), while newcomers Hiroya Anzai (JPN, 72 votes), Piotr Wilkonski (POL, 70 votes), and Deon Morgan (RSA, 66 votes) were elected to the FIH EB. Deon Morgan will serve a two-year term, finishing out Tayyab Ikram’s original four-year tenure. The terms of the newly elected and re-elected members of the EB will continue until the FIH Congress in 2026.

Other Choices:

The application of the Indonesian Hockey Federation “PP FHI” to join FIH as a full member was accepted by the Congress. This application had the backing of the Indonesian Olympic Committee and the national sports regulatory bodies of the Republic of Indonesia.

The application was submitted after the FIH Executive Board accepted a membership transfer between the Indonesian Hockey Association “PHSI” (the previous national hockey governing body) and the Indonesian Hockey Federation (the current FIH member) on October 4, 2022. All of the criteria for FIH membership have been fulfilled by the Indonesian Hockey Federation.

Audited FIH financial statements for the year 2021 were presented to and accepted by lawmakers.
Articles 7.2 (d), 7.2 (e), and 7.4 (a) of the FIH Statutes have been amended as recommended, whereas EHF’s proposed modifications have been rejected.

Tayyab Ikram


It was also announced today who will be receiving the FIH Honorary Awards and the FIH President’s Awards, both of which are awarded to honor those who have made significant contributions to hockey in a variety of ways throughout the course of their careers.

Virtually-held 48th FIH Congress kicked off Wednesday with delegates participating in a virtual conference dubbed “Stronger Together,” where significant subjects including fan involvement, innovation, sustainability, development, and governance were addressed.

The President’s Awards of the International Hockey Federation are:

Gill Gemming (NZL) has devoted her life to the improvement of hockey and its players via her work as a teacher, coach, administrator, and official for the OHF and the FIH.
Vice-President of the Asian Hockey Federation and current President of the Thailand Hockey Federation Chaiyapak Siriwat (THA) has an impressive resume in sports administration, particularly in the realm of event planning.

After over 15 years at the helm of the South African Hockey Association, Marissa Langeni (RSA) may rightfully claim a spot among the sport’s most influential advocates.

Margaret Hunnaball (ENG) is one of the best Umpire Managers in the world; she has spearheaded several programs to improve umpiring and safety, and she serves as a role model for aspiring officials.

Willard Harris (TRI), Chair of the International Hockey Federation and Pan American Hockey Federation Competitions Committees, has been a part of the hockey community for 50 years. He has shared his knowledge and experience with many of the current international officials through a series of seminars.

Shiraz Ali Yakub (KEN) is a Kenyan FIH umpire and umpire manager who has also served on the Executive Board of the African Hockey Federation. He has been actively engaged in a broad variety of tournaments, spanning from his home country to the international level.

The CEO of Hockey India is an Australian woman named Elena Norman, who has been doing remarkable work to promote and grow the sport of hockey in India and throughout the world thanks to the many international tournaments that India has hosted in recent years.

Honorary Awards from the International Hockey Federation:

The French Hockey Federation was presented with the Pablo Negre Trophy for their dedication to fostering a hockey community that is welcoming to everyone and capable of enduring for future generations.

The Uganda Hockey Association has been recognized with the Theo Ykema Award for their outstanding efforts to promote hockey in Uganda.

Tornike Tevdoradze (GEO) was presented with the HRH Sultan Azlan Shah Award in recognition of his efforts to develop hockey in Georgia.

Gino Schilders (NED) was presented with the Etienne Glichitch Award in appreciation of his 25 years of service to the growth and development of hockey in the Czech Republic, namely with the Czech Hockey Federation.

Miao Lin (CHN) received the Guust Lathouwers Memorial Trophy for her outstanding efforts, which have served as an example to many Asian umpires.

Golden Cup for a Totally Fair Game The René G. Frank Award was given to the Kazakhstan national team in recognition of their dedication to helping their neighbors.

Dr. Michael Green (Germany), Shahbaz Ahmad (Pakistan), and Sarinder Dillon (United Kingdom) were all presented with the Order of Merit for their incalculable contributions to hockey on a global scale.
Subahan bin Kamal (MAS) received a Diploma of Merit for his outstanding efforts in promoting and developing the sport of hockey in Malaysia.

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